For Merchants



Q: What kind of businesses are listed on WhereIsWhere?

A:   For MERCHANTS & TENANTS, we have a wide range of open categories* for participation:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Events
  • Shopping
  • Services

For BUILDINGS OWNERS, we currently support the following:

  • Merchant Management
  • Events Management

(* we will be launching more categories in the near future)

Q: Which countries is WhereIsWhere currently available in?

A: At present, Singapore will be our first launch market.
    Contact us if you want to be our overseas partner.

Q: Your service sounds good for my business. How much does it cost to register?

A: To register and list yourself on the platform is completely FREE. To launch promotions, however, there is a fixed monthly fee (SGD 100) for each location (Singapore Only)

For building owners, we have a special deal for you and your tenants. Register and sign up with us and we will be in touch.

Q: What if my business has multiple branch locations?

A: We support the management of multiple locations. You can easily manage and group locations when you plan and schedule all types of promotional campaigns.

Q: Can I run multiple differentiated marketing campaigns?

A: Our easy-to-use campaigns manager allows you to schedule and manage current and future campaigns easily. Sign up now for our free trial!

Q: I have a few more questions. Who can I ask?

A: We have spent close to a year in developing a very easy-to-use system to help you generate more business in a quick and effective manner.

There is an online support mechanism within the system to instantly resolve any queries that you might have. Each section of the system also has descriptions to help you better understand how to setup and launch campaigns in just ten minutes.